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Rape Escape

  • Easy and very effective
  • Requires nothing but your body
  • Includes attack

Very useful to know, pass and share please.

Worth watching

I don’t mean to impose a personal favour on you guys, but I really would like to ask that everyone who follows me reblog this. 

I don’t think I made it very clear but last month I was sexually assaulted by someone who I thought was my friend (I don’t want to talk about it don’t ask), and it’s… really fucked with my head. 

Had I known this a month ago I would have been able to get away

So, essentially, I’m really pleading with you to reblog this so everyone who follows you doesn’t get stuck in the same position I was with no way out. 

I mean again I don’t want the point of this to be my sob story or whatever but if you could reblog this it would seriously mean a lot 


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List 15 movies that will always stay with you. The rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen films you’ve seen that will always stick with you. List the first 15 you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.

1. Sunshine (2007)

2. Monster House

3. So Close (2004)

4. PMMM: Rebellion

5. Land Before Time IV

6. What Dreams May Come

7. Requiem For a Dream

8. Three Idiots

9. Lagaan

10. Minority Report

11. Mean Girls

12. Catch That Kid

13. Inception

14. The King’s Speech

15. Seven Samurai

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i just found someone trying to sell osiemfr's dragon shaming accent for 900 gems


this user is reselling many accents for higher prices. I won’t be doing anything, because don’t need…


Going to deconstruct this like a SIR because I have Critical Thinking class next and I’m bored and I am unhappy too.

it wasn’t even short story length. so if reading this much is an issue, and you aren’ t in school. good call. if you are in school. good luck. you have to read a lot most college paths. 

Most short stories and such are grammatically correct, sorted into proper paragraphs, and for the most part, aesthetically soothing to the eye. This looks like a wall of text met an open blender.

your snarky comments are worhless. 

Which is why you still respond to them.

but yeah.. I have a doctor miffed at me. a mom bitching at me. though i have stopped trying to talk to her by now.

and a bill for 175 fucking US dollars for missing an appointment.

all this game currency profit? what does it mean in the end. nothing.

I know nothing of your personal/gaming life, but if you’re staying up late to sort things out, you know, maybe cut back a little on the gametime? I recognize that games can be an escape to some (hell, they are for me), but ya gotta know when to lessen up. IRL always takes priority, whether we like it or not.

but because of already being tightly roound, I became overly stressed because people were talking about me on the internet without me knowing for some time…

which has been a paranoia of mine (just people talking about me) for, like, forever.

and I’m told over and over. don’t be ridiculous. don’t be paranoid.

but holy shit. it came true. one of my biggest fears came true.

and i don’t think you understand how psychologically this has affeted me.

…hate to break it to you but I’m fairly sure there’s a rule on the internet about things on it being discussed. That pertains to people too. Someone, somewhere, is probably going to discuss me today. 

how did it feel?  how did it make youfeel?

i’m sure if felt great and you were all like “I totally deserved that”, correct?

Not sure if this counts as bullying… I’d feel like this is more an overreaction to your overreaction to accents. 

I don’t care. don’t read it. but don’t fucking respond either  then becuae you didnt fucking read it. you have nothing to say as far as I’m concerned. you have no right to say anything at least…

But you just insulted us above for not reading it… so you’re saying that we’re being unintelligent by not reading, but… if we don’t like your style… don’t read it? Isn’t that like saying “you have to read this textbook since your final is on it, but if you don’t like the style, don’t read it and fail”? (bad analogy I know, kinda pressed for time before I gotta dash)

if it came out that I was dead from a bullet to the brains. 

Standard disclaimer that suicide threats on the internet are often seen as attention whoring, especially in rants like these. Want to be taken seriously? Avoid points like these.

and by not bitch blogging/tweeting whatever, and being upfront with people to their face for the most part, I’m at a best start than most of you.

Wait then what’s this?

excuses for not addressing me personally, are just that, excuses. and if you care that much, than there why did no one address me earlier? it hins that no one really are that much . but hey, an excuse to start something on tumblr - so hey?

Just personal opinion, but if I was going to get a 1000+ word tl;dr rant back in reply, I wouldn’t try sending anything either. Also, as far as I’m aware, no one namedropped you in OPs, so it’s on you for coming here. Correct me if I’m wrong. 

but I guess, I have a lot of people offline who want to talk. and will listen. I should reallly appreciate that more it clearly seems. I probably talk to one soon, albeit in a super vague manner.. 

Personal experience here again: vagueness never helps. It’s a bitch to open up, but if you find that one person who’s not gonna leave you hanging and you can spill everything to, it helps with shit like this a lot. A LOT. Seriously. 

and not a single shit was given. not one.

According to anonrising stats, this is over 2,900 shits given.








i just found someone trying to sell osiemfr's dragon shaming accent for 900 gems


this user is reselling many accents for higher prices. I won’t be doing anything, because don’t need drama. BUT to all my…

Wow. looky what we have here. Tumblr doing what it does best. bitching pointlessly and never addressing the problem directly. because that is “drama”. seriously, it to call someone rude when fucking talking about them to a bunch of people while being completely oblivious. and naive. and incredibly ill. because simply asking a person what;s up (without a threat attached or condescending remarks) is so hard. is you looked recently, I’ve taken most of the stuff down. and the most recent accents I put up are at the regular price or one is slightly above with strict permission.

why? becuase of the first person who PM’d me? NOPE.

want to hear some things that are bogus.

PMing a threat, more or less, but its ok. there’s no hard feeling,

non-transparency sucks.

being stupidly oblvious and not thinking because I haven’t been thinking much. as I’ve been sick… but I wish i wish still sick and loopy and thinking up is down and down is up….

jesus fucking christ. just say stuff to my face. I’d to that to someone if they  were bothering me that. much.. that’s why I am here. on a place that i hate so fucking much.

because I was sick of everyone taking every cause and and value I find dear, covering it in shit, and lighting it on fire and letting it burn to a crispy turd in a a frantic bitchfit frenzy

that’s the thing about public  blogs, anybody can read them. and Ive seen the most liberal people suddely spew out comments that one what just deem as hater…

something that is intolerant of gay people, trans people, fat people, mentally disabled people…

and why? 

because apparnetly the cure for intolerence is … just going fuck you and blasting them, … not even giving a good reason why one shoudnn’t think that. just telling off and whatever..

so the motto. make haters hate more. mate tolerant people cry. make confused people.. more confused… 

because I’m tired of no one going to hater and teachigg them to fish.  mean, if you take a hater and blast them with just obsentitiees and brashness, the whole fact they were fricking haters is lost completely… nothing it learned by anyone. haters hate MORE. and some bystanders , cause this a public site just look dumbfounded. though with a good argument and with  a level head, many bystanders would realize the extent of anything, that never seems to be the case. it justs immature bullshit. and no one things about take someone who says something hurtful.. and taking them and teaching them.. show respect and kindness. because in the end„ a lot of times if you go out and talk to a person,and if both paties are able to keep decency, lessons can be leaarned… its only thing to be a stupid motherfucker…

it is another thing to be  a person quote and quote blessed with being  part of the majoirt group. which often comes with power and overall dominance in some sense or another…

and how it can be tough being a minority group, being different to a fault is is decreed, but their is no fault. its just part of a person is different that a majority of people. but in the end, we are all flesh and blood humans, earthling, whatever the fuck you wanna call it, and we all have more in common than things not in common. even if it s just meaning all the 400 + bones being the same or whatever…

and the point would be showing humanity over anger, because bonding over anger, is drama, but to understand humanity more, is a life’s lesson. and these hater’s DO need a life’s lesson.. but they aint the only ones…

because there is so much more good to be done.. to take  hater, help them understand as best as possible. not being preachy. because one wouldn’t  a preaching in turn about how being a certain kind of  minority is bad… but a peer to peer way…

because if you can turn a hater into a supporter. than yes. you did your cause justice.. and that would result in possibly a public discussion the internet could learn from. like seriously..

and that would mean less tumblr casualties, which are people who lurk or dont say anything but, being human being themselves, wiill judge the heck out the situation…

and mos people with a level head.. just got NOPE to it all.

but here group together. they unite rant…

what could is finding people like yourself if you just are gonna alienate yourselves so much.

being unique is fine. but it shouldn’t necessaily be what defines. you. I’m sorry. but if your sexuality defines you. are are just a a horny-ass person. and that’s nothing that speaks pleasant about a person.. unlike picking up hookers or whatever is your thing…

gender, sex, ethnicity, all are big parts of you, but one should nevver be seen as sch a dominat force in who you are… that’s not normal… that’ not healthy..

but so fucking tumblr.

to better to be different.. people who aren’t different could never understand them,

haters should be killed (I’ve seen some horrible death descriptions man.,.)

all of this becuase tumblr learned way of communicating.. is not communicating….

there is almost never true dialogue.

silly nonense. angry nonsense. nonsnese nonsense.

every heard of the saying if you don’ t use it, you’ll lose. 

this applies to a thing called the brain, or rather, logic. logic and reason shouldn’t be so hard to come by.

bitching dont do shit but aggravate. even the person writing is aggravated, hence the bitching..

Idk how long people where looking and thinking things about me but never said shit. 

and what did I learn from that?


what did you learn from that?

nothing, to be honest. heck stuff that I sold, I would have not sold.

I fully admit I was not using MY brain much this past few weeks. and when I did I purge of my hoard. becuase it felt like a good idea.. let to gems, which let me to buy things. which I may or may not have. it if looked neat i t must be new, was my mindset…

and I couldnt bear to have doubles for some reason.. becuase that is hoarding.. and im not  a hoarder person with lots of baggage offline so I need to assign so much worth to personal worth to silly internet things to the point I’d be completely ok with it rotting in my hoard forever, for no one ever use. i was like the for around my first 6 month here..

but after an eye opening sale. that was a result of someone contacting me privately, I was able able to sell things that I thought I’ never be able to sell or part iwith..

and i thought after selling it, i’d mourn an item or somehting like that. but I did. I was fine. and I got to replace with something better…or multiple things… so in a way, that calmed my old hoarder paranoia-nes

so I tended to price things kinda high in general to avoid feeling an old hoarder urges….

and the accent selling thing was only bad when I was on the ah. and with my memory the way it was. and also selling festival stuff too. i had excess funds. to buy. more stuff I don’t really need I decided only instantly later. so I just get rid of it…

and I wasn’t reallly looking at accents as accents, but as soomething to get rid of but not feel iffy about getting rid of…

I mean, I have sold retired accents in the past. or older accents I have had for months and just no longer want.

and am now back in that mode. especially since I have the health to be able to be observant again.. I didn’t go on the forums much… didn’t know what is worh what…

becuase some artist increase the price of their own stuff when selliing…

and ok, what,I guess it makes up.. sometimes it riduclous though..

its hard to think of a an accent maker as someone who isn’t just like hey, look I found a way to make monies, 

when they are very rules-oriented… and then charge nearly twice as much for accents than in thiert thread.

there’s the the whole, well a person can go to the thread„

but a lot of people on this site are loaded with issues. there are a ton of people, some have  been active game wise since the beginning, wth very few forums posts.

some people will never go to the forums. so they are being screwed over because maybe such social interactions would make them nervous or whatever… I sometiems would avoid the forums. if just being like nope to people or whatever…

so, I mean, I did some bad stuff. took a lot of it doown. and Ive been actiely trying to figure out, by searchign through the forums, if there are any people on a list for certain accents.

like with the shame on me accents. which I for some reasoon was like this a super secret accent. .. I never caught on to the separate thread. and I’d be on the forums for very short durations…

but I don’t recall if I had them up for long, but once I found the thread saying they’d never reitred and I was reminded how much they were, which i forgot entirely.. I took them down.. and just recently yeah i put them in the AH . for 330 gems each…

I recently asked if their is a offsite list wiht more recent names becase then maybe someone could get the accent sooner rather than later…

like i did and am still doing with fimbry’s mane accents. another thing I sttupidly auto-collected , bu tafter buying mor ethan one relaized I will never use these.. what am I doing?

honestly, i’m not an unreasonably person most of the time, I’m opinonated and loud and can be hot-headed…

but I don’t want to hurt people is a key thing„,

and if I realize I’m hurting people.„ then I’ll stat to use my brain.

and having slept for long than a few hours recently, I have been able to think more clearly. innsomnia is not fun…it does not end in a strong stable reasonable level headed person.. I was all over the place coooky

but after getting a simple PM from an artist which comprsed of question mostly. and simply about what would pertain to them.. no insinatining comments of being watched, I’,m paranoid enough as it is is.„„

no thoughts of people talk- oh wait. people were talking behind my back. back to being paranoid as fuck around people. thank you Internet. 

all it it would have taken was a slight tap at the face, but nope. people went to each other  and and blabbed and while hte quote and  quote source did whatever.. and being completely unware except for litterally dgging  for drama that I came to reailze DID  exist, happened.. and here I am.. disappointed in people, but I’d be crazy to be surprised, I have been 1000% done with tumblr for a while. and every time I come back, I reminded why. and no, it doesn’t usually refer to me…. 

if this is where the next generation will all hang out, this world is fucked. 

honestly, to the whole fiasco involving the tumblr meet up fail train work…

yeah…. first tumblr convention. went as expected :/

so go ahead. sit and complain about things. well probably people. and just leave the people to do what they are doing that is so bad, becuase they are just such horrible things they’d never listen and they just are trashy ,etc,etc..

i would have listnened, though I addmit. I was very testy about how thing swere worded with me.. becaue is something reads like bullshit, it probably is bullshit…

and ironically,I never stopped being truthful.

damn straight. i said if one never wants somehting to be sold me. ever.. they should not retire it. 

becuase. duh.

and also, there are some shops that don’t give a shit if you resell… and I was most familiar with that kind.. the it never was made to be such a horrendous offense until recently..

and I have a past in art… but never was aroudn much of art for monies thing except for a breff stint of some thing summer before college during tourist season..

and the money sucked. I was pimped. but I didn’t care casue I met lots of people oftne foreigners or not locals, who often were just different than people from anohter county . it was fascinating. 

and for someone is often aloof. I like to talk, not about me. but stupid stuff. just random things that happened in news or talking about random cultural aspects that make a Washingtonian (DC yo) different than a person from Alberta Canada, Albuequrque , NM, or even Albania (nope, never talked to an Albanian then but that is not my point)

I actually learned to be more sociall apt irl during that summer…

being an artists. though I never used that term for myself cause of criticism,which after an injury was so bad, i just stopped art becuase of the unhealthy outlook I was giiving myself constantly…


being lectured about arts with just talk about profit… was .. very disheartening…

I was raised on the mindset of art for art’s sake…

and while yeah, I can see, how the reselling thing wold be annoying. and I am very disappointed in myself with all the curently available stuff that I resold… and I will not do that any long, at least not on purpose. as mentioned, I’m prone to instability. i have a bad memory. and I am not observant.

so don’t just gawk and point when I do something stupid. 

give me a whack on the head and show me what i did wrong and this is why - this accent is being sold or is being tallied for interested, etc,etc..

this way. I don’t resell the thing. and i know have the info in my noggin about another accent.. as more and more shops pop up.. its ridiculous

what about people getting rich on the ideas of others. not gonna go further than that. but looking at the reblogs.. I’m like hunh…and am reminded of things. no, i won’t name drop. you couldnt pay me to. I”m not he devil. nor do i plan on being the devil. nor do I believe in anything devil - I’m a friiggin atheist…

but yeah, if you are civil and contact me about stuff that concerns only you (or it can be any accent by anyone if its info about its status.. which can idk.. artist;s should aslso be very clear, this will be re-run.. this will not be re-run.

fuck maybes

how many people were a fan of FR cycling definition that vague and went along the lines of 

cycling is unlike retiring becuase with cycling the item has a chance of return…

a chance of returning… and peolple are left iwith - what does that even mea?

no one liked it. 

there are ways that can prevent massive reselling… and blogging and bitching about a certain user who does not tumblr much was very oblivious helps nothing is an insult to my character. 

this entire site is an insult to one’s character at least half the time…

I think days passed before anyone said anything to me that indicated something was up. that is a start, but yeah, treating a person as a person and not some cannivign thing.. would have helped more.. and if you PM„ unless another person physically types in that PM, I don’t want to hear.. speak in singualr person for fuck’s sake. iits unnerving ohterwise, I don’t like this we the poeple baloney. I dont care if you have a siamese twin attached to your hip.

just people need to say stuff to my face. grow a pair. or better, just grow up. this isnt’ high school.

everyone doesnt need to gather in the bathroom and gossip…

I am an adult. and I will make it clear if I’m sick. if you want to igore that tid bit, I’m sorry if I act or say weird things, but when I say I ‘m sick.. Im “sick”… and if you cant accept that… well you fail as tumblr user for one.

and I want nothing to do with you. if you dont understand, I a not myself sometiems. and  a revisit may be neeeded.. and to take stuff I say when I’m sick very close to heart is stupid . if anything, becuase I at least will have no memory of it at all wiht in a few days most likely…soo…you are just feels„,

and one last thing. I say I wlll not do stuff again, but, no I will never promise. for one, that would be dumb to do when I still have episodes of rash, unstablelenss… 

I will do based on a thought or feeling that could possibly be seen as if it was from another planet.

when I’m in a right state of mine. I will go. yep. that made sense. or no, THIS  is what I really meant… blah bla

drama happned. may not for you all. but it happneed to me. people just judged. said things pointed fingers. blamed me like I was the sole reaso n they should do x y z

but no one said a fucking word to me for how long? seriously?

think about it. I admitted it. I might need a nudge occasionally if the status of an accent is not right in my head the and it obviously so.. selling something like its retired, for example…

have to stop typing my comp is dying fuc


I hope that was worth the ten hours they spent typing that up.

if that tumblr post wasn’t by ronnster/slacker then holy shit I think we found their long lost cousin.







It’s worked for white people, I figured I might as well give it a shot.


I want you to go man!

if this was a white girl this would have had the notes 3 weeks ago

People are sending him racist messages telling him it’s not gonna happen and he doesn’t belong in Disney World over this post. So we’re gonna reblog it even more.

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It’s worked for white people, I figured I might as well give it a shot.


I want you to go man!

if this was a white girl this would have had the notes 3 weeks ago

People are sending him racist messages telling him it’s not gonna happen and he doesn’t belong in Disney World over this post. So we’re gonna reblog it even more.


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